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Shabach Youth Ministry
God's Presence

How can I experience Gods presence in my life?

God reveals himself when we seek him and turn away from sin. Seeking God requires consistent and prayer. We get to know God through earnest and sincere worship. We should go to God as a child going to a loving father.

What do I do when it feels like God is far away?

There is no height nor depth to which God will not go to be with us. Faith is trusting in God even when we feel far from him. When we live in harmony with the Lord, it is an awesome experience to be in his presence.

When are we afraid of the presence of the Lord?

The presence of sin in our lives causes us to fear the presence of the Lord, for he will surely find us out. To come into God's presence with a heart determined to sin invites his judgement.

Are You Afraid of The Presence of God?


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